June 3, 2023: Hello Summer Event! for tweens and teens.

Summer 2023: Director Professional Development, Community Service Event, Back to School Party

Fall 2023: Have a variety of seating options around the property and construct a mural. Secure funding for an ongoing yoga class for teens. Complete a permanent archery range.

Nov. 18, 2023: Annual Fundraiser Dinner & Raffles

Winter/Spring 2023-24: Complete construction of a picnic shelter that can be utilized for meetings, training, and group activities.

Fall 2024: Land will include a stocked pond, variety of swings, and simple play equipment. Walking trail will be completed.

Fall 2024: Begin having open times for tweens, teens, and families to enjoy the land and activities.

Winter 2024/2025: Have a transport van to drive teens to/from programs and events.