April 2022: Start the Hope Rocks Program, a support group for teenage girls to help them develop peer connections, self-reflection, and healthy coping strategies in order to have more confidence and optimism about their lives and futures. DONE!

August 2022: Have an established Board of Directors. DONE!

Fall 2022: Land will include a large campfire site and archery range. The Fly True Archery Program will start. Archery clinics and club hours will begin. DONE!

Winter/Spring 2022-2023: Land will be expanded to include horse shoe pits and cornhole. We will begin the Drum Circle Club. All programs will be held on-site.

April 24, 2023: Have our official ribbon cutting at Coastal Carolina Outreach.

May 6, 2023: Coastal Carolina Outreach Fun Day for the Public

Fall 2023: Land will include a stocked pond, swings, tetherball, and simple play equipment. We will begin Adulting 101 Sessions for teens.

Winter/Spring 2023-24: Complete construction of an indoor structure or pavilion that can be utilized for meetings, training, and group activities.

Fall 2024: Begin having open times for foster kids and their families to engage in outdoor activities together.

Fall 2024: Begin having more programs. These programs will include social-emotional education, outdoor activities, and art to encourage connecting with peers, self-reflection and an appreciation for nature.

Spring 2025: Complete at least two free overnight camp sites that foster and military families can utilize. With plans for more to come!

Fall 2025: Have a transport van to drive older kids and teens to/from programs.