April 2022: Start the Hope Rocks Program, an eight week program for teenage girls to help them develop peer connections, self-reflection, and healthy coping strategies in order to have more confidence and optimism about their lives and futures.

June 2022: Start of Hope Rocks II, an eight week follow-up program to teenage girls who participated in Hope Rocks. This group will dive deeper into self-reflection and healing utilizing Heartworks Journaling by Maritza Parra.

August 2022: Have an established Board of Directors.

Fall 2022: Land will include a large campfire site, archery range, and horse shoe pits. The Fly True Archery Program will start. Archery clinics and club hours will begin.

November 2022: Host the Trucks ‘n’ Tots Fundraising Event.

Winter/Spring 2023: Land will be expanded to include a walking trail, pond, swings, and simple play equipment.

April 24, 2023: Have our official ribbon cutting at Coastal Carolina Outreach.

Fall 2023: Complete construction of an indoor structure that can be utilized for meetings, training, and group activities. Continue to develop and add programs that benefit kids, teens, and families in our community.

Spring 2023: Begin having open times for foster kids and their families to engage in outdoor activities together.

Fall 2024: Begin having programs, including ones for students that are home schooled. These programs will include social-emotional education, outdoor activities, and art to encourage connecting with peers, self-reflection and an appreciation for nature.

Spring 2024: Complete at least two free overnight camp sites that foster and military families can utilize. With plans for more to come!

Fall 2025: Have a transport van to drive older kids and teens to/from programs.