Hope Rocks

Hope Rocks: 

This program is designed for teen girls to learn healthy ways to cope with the stress and struggles of life and have the opportunity to build positive relationships with their peers. Please click on the title of the program to get more information. Click on the application link to sign-up.

What is Hope Rocks?

Hope Rocks Application

Forme para Hope Rocks

Click on the link above to sign-up for our next session. It begins September 12th. We meet every Monday from 4-6 pm for 8 weeks.


“When I’m at Hope Rocks I feel like I’m in a safe place and because I feel that way I’m open to share my thoughts and feelings.”

“My heart filled with joy yesterday when I picked up my granddaughter. She was happy and at ease. Words cannot express my gratitude for you and the blessings you bring.”

“It’s amazing to think how many lives you are helping. These girls will be happy and touch more lives through their strength and joy.”